Our CRO Process

Analytics is a key element to any website owner, however, not every website owner understands analytics. Our team runs a health check to your GA account to make sure data collection is accurate, and if not we fix it! When GA is collecting valid data, we assess this to maximize the company’s goals.

Our team of experts uses experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Clarity, relevance and visual hierarchy assessment are some of the approaches we take to get your web page to perform the best it can.

We install a tracking code on the website url that records all the users activity and turns it into a heat map with hot and cold spots. This way our analysts can identify high or low engagement with your website pages and come up with strategies to overcome any issue.

Every website has technical issues, no matter how small it might be. Our team of experts runs a series of tests to measure the performance of your website and identify any technical issue the web page might have and make a recommendation on how to improve it.

After challenges to increase conversion are identified, a mock up with a redesign is prepared and put to the test. A/B testing gives us a way to test simultaneously, both control and redesigned variants of the page live with split traffic. This way we can see directly which variant is performing better.

This is a great way to know if our efforts of optimizing your website are pointing in the right direction by selecting a very specific audience (gender, age, location, level of income, etc) matching your target audience and asking them a series of questions that gives us relevant insights to confirm or deny our hypothesis.