Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training in New Zealand

GA4 is coming full speed and we have the tools to help you get prepared.

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Get your GA4 checklist to prepare for the migration

What do you need to do to ensure a good data migration?

GA4 presents differences from Universal Analytics, including the fact that all data from Universal won’t be captured automatically by GA4 and therefore lost.

This will happen on July 2023. Now, this opens an opportunity to have a clean slate. Not only to set the right setup but also to get the chance to revamp your reports and the way you collect and measure data.

For some businesses, this will mean just a couple of clicks, but in some cases would mean adding new tracking code, modifying GTM, and more.

Here’s a guide provided by GA on how to do the switch:

GA provides a guide but it can be daunting and time-consuming. 

We can accelerate the process, do the setup for you and train you and your team to continue growing the new platform in the future.