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What is a CRO Audit?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the practice of testing and refining elements of your website to maximise the percentage of visitors who take actions leading to customer conversion.

Utilising CRO services brings numerous benefits to your business, such as:

When Is Conversion Optimisation Audit Right for You?

  1. Your website’s conversion rates have plateaued or declined,
  2. Key pages, such as product or landing pages, lack the expected user engagement or fail to convert effectively,
  3. New technologies or strategies have been implemented in the market,
  4. Anomalies in analytics data, such as sudden drops in conversions or unusual user behaviour.

Our CRO Audit Process:

Web Analytics Analysis:

Our CRO audit kicks off with a meticulous examination of your web analytics. This involves conducting a comprehensive health check to ensure your analytics setup is robust and accurately measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Heuristic Analysis:

Next, we delve into a heuristic analysis, aiming to identify “areas of interest” on your website. This involves a meticulous examination of key pages to assess their relevancy, motivation, and the presence of any potential friction points.

Technical Analysis:

We conduct a comprehensive technical audit to optimise your website’s performance, including cross-browser and cross-device testing, as well as speed analysis for a visually appealing and seamless user experience.

User Testing:

Our CRO method focuses on user behaviour through testing to pinpoint and address conversion obstacles. Valuable insights from the target audience guide targeted improvements.

Mouse Tracking Analysis:

Our analysis utilises visual data to understand user interactions, revealing hotspots, areas of disengagement, and navigation patterns. This knowledge forms the basis for strategic design enhancements.

Qualitative Surveys:

Tapping into your audience’s voice deepens our understanding, guiding targeted improvements for a more conversion-friendly website.

What our clients get:

From the user experience to design elements, we leave no aspect untouched as we work to enhance your site’s ability to convert visitors into customers.

Once our audit is complete, we provide you with a detailed document that breaks down our findings. This document is structured with your priorities in mind, ensuring that we focus on the areas with the most significant impact on improving your website’s conversion rates.

Does Align Digital do web implementation?

At Align Digital, we’re committed to optimising your website for peak performance. While we don’t handle web implementation directly, we empower you and your developer with customised recommendations. Your collaboration with our insights ensures a personalised and effective strategy, tailoring the enhancements to your unique website needs. Together, we pave the way for a high-converting digital experience.

Do you need to have a copywriter?

Your team, your words, and our guidance for impactful communication. We can train your team to do any copy required.


CRO Tools and Technologies

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics tracks visitor interactions, navigation patterns, and conversion data, providing a comprehensive view of how users engage with the site. It enables the identification of friction points in the user journey, high-performing elements, and areas requiring optimisation for enhanced conversion rates.
  2. A/B Testing Also referred to as split testing, A/B testing entails the creation of two versions of a webpage. Each version incorporates a distinct variation of an element, be it a headline, Call-to-Action button, image, or layout.
  3. Heatmaps: Heatmaps serve as visual representations of user behaviour on a website, illustrating where visitors click, scroll, and allocate the most time on a page.
  4. User Recording These tools deliver insights into user actions, including clicks, mouse movements, and scrolling behaviour. They unveil patterns in user engagement, shedding light on where users may drop off in the conversion journey or where they linger the longest on the site.


Starting on $3,500 and up depending on sizes and complexities (ongoing CRO between $3,000 and $10.000)



Why is a CRO audit important?

A CRO audit is crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into customers. It pinpoints issues and provides actionable insights for optimisation.

Conduct a CRO audit regularly, especially after significant website changes or if you observe a decline in conversion rates. This ensures your site remains optimised for maximum performance.

A CRO audit is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. It ensures that every visitor to your site has an optimised experience, potentially increasing conversions.

A CRO audit evaluates various elements, including website design, user interface, page load times, call-to-action effectiveness, and overall user journey.

No, CRO is applicable to any website aiming to convert visitors into customers, including lead generation sites, informational sites, and service-oriented businesses.

CRO and SEO work hand-in-hand. A positive user experience, improved page speed, and mobile optimisation, which are CRO focuses, also contribute to higher search engine rankings.

By working on a comprehensive CRO plan, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their audience’s needs and preferences, tailor their website accordingly, and ultimately increase their conversion rates.

It’s crucial to recognise that CRO is an ongoing process demanding continuous testing, analysis, and adjustments for optimal outcomes.

Results may manifest swiftly in certain cases, with positive impacts on conversion rates shortly after implementing changes. Conversely, in other scenarios, significant improvements might take several weeks or even months to become evident. The key to a successful CRO lies in maintaining patience and persistence, routinely assessing your website’s performance, and making decisions rooted in data to fine-tune your site for conversions.