2023 – A year of change

In a world of rising ad costs, increasing noise, and evolving platforms like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), marketing teams are facing uncertainty. But this shift presents an opportunity for growth and transformation.

If I had to summarise the state of marketing teams in one image in 2023 this would be the one.

As if we arrived at a cliff and, in front of us, a serious degree of uncertainty remains.

There’s a shift happening right now that I believe will be for the better. A series of factors are pushing us forward to a new age of Marketing, whether we are ready or not. Let me explain:

▷ Ads getting higher priced and agencies not being able to solve new client’s business challenges (can’t fix it all with new ads anymore)

▷ Noise everywhere (yes, each year the noise intensifies but we are about to compound it). How to avoid the race to the bottom, avoid commodity?

▷ Google is changing. After 20 years something is going on: GA isn’t that friendly anymore and GA4 is just starting to give us headaches

▷ ChatGPT is transitioning very quickly from a fad to serious change (already achieved 100M+ active users, in record time)


After almost a year of helping teams migrate to GA4, I can tell we are arriving at a moment we should have arrived at 10 years ago: no more ‘ads solve it all’. The new platform is a tabula rasa, a clean slate that fires back with the question ‘what do you want to see, track, to report?’

A new mindset

That’s what is required. Rethinking what we are doing and adjusting to the changes. Marketing teams will be compelled to pause the ‘we always have done it this way’ and, for the first time in many years, re evaluate all practices.
Before: GA would give us reports
Now: we need to tell GA4 what we need to see

Before: we needed certain amount of time to prep content
Now: ChatGPT made it super easy and fast to create new content… so what we create and how fast?

Before: we needed the agency (or person in charge) to generate clicks
Now: that’s not enough, we need users to return to our site without spending money

Without a doubts it’s already being an interesting year.


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