What’s CRO? (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

In essence, CRO is “the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action“.

In the past, CRO was mostly about conducting A/B testing “would this photo or button perform better than the original” or “would this content be more effective to get more sales?”. This is, to this day, the main thinking when it comes to CRO services.

But in 2021 we need to dig deeper. These typical questions are at the core of CRO in 2021:

  • How can we make our visitors buy more from us?
  • Where and why are we losing visitors?’ 
  • How can improve the mobile experience of my site?
  • How to validate this new web design we just did before going to market? 
  • How to increase the return of spend from ads, to make our campaigns more effective?

The work we do from the CRO point of view takes us in many different directions:

  • We revise whole sites in the search for technical frictions (like, these options aren’t working, there’s a glitch when you access the site from firefox, a phone with this screen size is missing this important part of the content)
  • We remove biases, as content and design are originated from within companies we engage with real customers and take note of their experiences through landing pages, content, design and more (user testing)
  • With the help of Google Analytics, we get to understand user behavior, points of exit from sites and signals that tell us ‘something is happening on this part of the funnel as users are leaving it in bigger percentages. Then, to find out what’s going on we do:
  • Heuristics Analysis: basically we check the key parts of the site in the search of key elements that are presenting frictions to your customers. Examples: do you have a wall of text nobody is reading? do you interrupt the flow of the content with a massive distraction? do you address customer’s anxieties? do you have revolving banners that are distracting? and more)

In the end, we take notes and make a priority list with the most recommended changes: some of them will be fixed, some of them will be testing ideas to improve the experience.

CRO in 2021 is a blend between optimization and true marketing, a sort of alignment that looks to simplify the purchasing experience.

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